We are organizing the immense amount of readily available, and intentionally shared, patient stories and making them heard in the transformation of healthcare services, to drive solutions that enrich patients’ lives.

About Our Project

Qaring strives for a future where every patient’s voice makes a difference. Our mission is to facilitate patient-centered innovation by bridging the gap between what patients want and what innovators create. We accomplish this by automating the creation of patient journeys. We collect and interpret millions of online patient expressions and translate them into actionable insights, pain points, and barriers. This allows healthcare innovators to make quicker, more informed and cost-efficient decisions, based on real life stories and measurable data.

Qaring’s core team consists of Tess, Oskar and Shreyan. Together with the TU Delft, they are looking to find ways to integrate the Community Journey Map, a method developed by Jiwon Jung, in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands. 

We are currently in the process of interviews and market research, to discover how this method can positively impact the healthcare sector.

Benefits of our method

Quantitative insights

Real-time insights without asking extra time from the patient

Automatization and deeper analyses possible

Saving time and money

Structured overview of patient's key needs and concerns

Example Community Journey Maps

The Qaring team


Social Designer

Msc. Design for Interaction

TU Delft


Oskar Zakrzewski

Business Developer

Msc. Business Administration

UvA & TU Delft


Shreyan Biswas

Data Scientist

Msc. Computer Science

TU Delft





Erasmus MC

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